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    1. Our Life and Emotions

    2. Life & Emotions Journal

    1. Understanding Emotions

    2. 7-Day Emotions Tracker

    1. Emotional Intelligence

    2. Emotional Intelligence Knowledge Check

    1. Emotional Healing

    2. Emotional Healing Survey

    1. Emotional Freedom

    2. Exploring Emotional Freedom Activity

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Course Testimonials

Engaging and Richly Authentic

Bria A.

I thoroughly enjoyed this mini-course. It made me want to take the additional courses. This is something I will share with everyone I know. Emotional intelligence is something we all need and need to continue to grow in. It's evergreen. Your talking points were smooth, conversational, connected, and polished. What I loved about the course: - The interactive portions of the course that invite reflection/journaling, and quizzes. - The clarification of terms (ie, feelings vs. emotions) - The emotional intelligence quadrants section in module 3 - The information paired with the visual shapes/charts - The faith perspective of the emotional healing