Course curriculum

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    • Welcome from Wanda - Are you Ready?

    • How to use this course

    • What do you already know?

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    Module I - Our Life & Emotions

  • 3

    Module II - What Are Emotions

    • Exploring Emotions

    • Emotion Awareness Survey

    • Making Emotions Normal Activity 1

    • Making Emotions Normal Activity 2

  • 4

    Module III - More Than What You Feel

    • Understanding & Processing Emotions

    • Physical Manifestations Activity

  • 5

    Module IV - Emotions & the Social Experience

    • Emotions & the Social Experience

    • 7-Day Emotions Tracker

  • 6

    Module V - EQ vs IQ

    • EQ vs IQ

    • Iceberg Drag & Drop Activity (Drag each word to either above (visible) or below (invisible) the water surface - hit submit to check your work)

  • 7

    Module VI - Balancing Emotions

    • Balancing Emotions

    • 7-Day Emotions and Thought Tracker

  • 8

    Module VII - Behavior & Emotions

    • Behaviour & Emotions

    • Behavior & Emotions Mindfulness Journal

  • 9

    Module VIII - Emotional Impact Examples

    • Emotional Impact Module Opening

    • Stress Emotional Impact Journal

    • Stress Management Impact - Tony

    • Stress Management Impact - Wanda

    • Decision Making Emotional Impact Journal

    • Decision Making Impact - Tony

    • Decision Making Impact - Wanda

    • Self-Awareness Emotional Impact Journal

    • Self-Awareness Impact - Tony

    • Self-Awareness Impact - Wanda

    • Self-Perception Emotional Impact Journal

    • Self-Perception Impact - Tony

    • Self-Perception Impact - Wanda

    • Intrapersonal Emotional Impact Journal

    • Intrapersonal Impact - Tony

    • Intrapersonal Impact - Wanda

    • Emotional Impact Module Closing

  • 10

    Emotions Are Normal

    • Congratulations! Here's what's next...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...


Chief Content Curator | Chief Community Cultivator |Facilitator | Coach

Wanda L. Scott

Wanda is the Founder and CEO of WE, LLC Consulting Solutions, a woman owned small business that specializes in consulting on Learning Strategy, Instructional Design, eLearning, Coaching, Training and DEIB Facilitation. Wanda is a speaker and the author of five books. Wanda brings 25 years of expertise in managing customer expectations, managing people, and building knowledgeable workers in high demand environments. She has a proven track record of helping her clients become more self-aware, build on their strengths and become better communicators as Leaders influencing change. Wanda also brings seven years of adjunct & fulltime experience as a College Professor at a state institution to her education repertoire. CERTIFICATIONS: Certified Virtual Facilitator ; Certified Professional Diversity Coach; Certified Culture Facilitator; Certified Diversity and Belonging Facilitator ; Certified Emotional Intelligence Assessor & Coach

ESG Facilitator | Coach | Chief Strategist

Tony Farmer

Tony is the owner of Full Armour Coaching, LLC where he works with a wide array of clients to help them reach their personal and professional goals. Tony is a proven leader and influencer who builds and leverages diverse collaborative networks to identify root causes and develop innovative solutions to complex problems. Before he left the federal government 2021 Tony Served as the Inclusion Chief for the National Reconnaissance Office where he developed, implemented, and led a comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategy. Tony received a B.S. in Business Management from the University of Maryland, Global Campus, a Master’s in Public Administration from George Mason University and maintains certifications as an Associate Certified Coach – International Coaching Federation, Certified Professional Diversity Coach – Coach Diversity Institute, Certified Diversity Executive - Institute of Diversity Certification , Certified Culture Facilitator - Veritas Culture, Certified Professional Facilitator - Leadership Strategies, Certified Leadership Coach - Defense Intelligence Agency, Certified Life Coach - Life Purpose Institute and he is a Senior Certified Professional, Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM-SCP).