Empower Your Employee Emotional & Social Intelligence & Wellbeing Today!

Your employees mental and emotional wellbeing directly tie to their ability to perform and function at work. These courses will empower your employees with self-awareness and tools to manage themselves and others in challenging times. You can build community and set your organizational culture up for success.

  • EQ Fuels DEIB

    When your employees and leaders are emotionally intelligent they are more competent to create a organizational culture that is diverse, equitable, inclusive and fosters belonging.

  • Mental Health

    We are living in times of social unrest, health concerns, and divisive media. Employees can be anxious, stressed and fearful all while trying to do their jobs and lead. Prioritizing the mental and emotional health of your employees is the right thing to do for performance and mission.

  • Coaching & Assessment

    We provide emotional intelligence (EQ-i 2.0) individual and 360 assessments. Our coaches also provide one-on-one & group coaching for specific leader, team and employee learning and development needs.

Online Training for Your Business

"We believe in empowering your employees to successfully process their thoughts & emotions to effectively support your customers." Empowerment School online provides discount prices on courses for each Business's unique Employee Training needs. Contact us below for a consultation.

The Solution for your Workplace Social and Emotional Intelligence

  • "Nearly 4 out of 10 employed U.S. workers say their manager fails to frequently engage in honest conversations about work topics." Source: SHRM Culture Report 2019

  • "Nearly 80% of Baby Boomers & Traditionalists find social interaction to be more difficult while working remotely." Source: SHRM Culture Report 2019

  • "Nearly 3 and 10 employed U.S. workers say their manager doesn't encourage a culture of open and transparent communications." Source: SHRM Culture Report 2019


Chief Content Curator | Chief Community Cultivator |Facilitator | Coach

Wanda L. Scott

Wanda is the Founder and CEO of WE, LLC Consulting Solutions, a woman owned small business that specializes in consulting on Learning Strategy, Instructional Design, eLearning, Coaching, Training and DEIB Facilitation. Wanda is a speaker and the author of five books. Wanda brings 25 years of expertise in managing customer expectations, managing people, and building knowledgeable workers in high demand environments. She has a proven track record of helping her clients become more self-aware, build on their strengths and become better communicators as Leaders influencing change. Wanda also brings seven years of adjunct & fulltime experience as a College Professor at a state institution to her education repertoire. CERTIFICATIONS: Certified Virtual Facilitator ; Certified Professional Diversity Coach; Certified Culture Facilitator; Certified Diversity and Belonging Facilitator ; Certified Emotional Intelligence Assessor & Coach

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